We're creating a digital life for the things that people love. Every sneaker, handbag, and pair of sunglasses will have an identity on the Internet.


SmartLabels (cryptographic microchips) embedded in everyday products allow people to claim and track ownership. Our public registry uses blockchain technology ensuring anonymity and openness of the platform. Developers are welcome to build apps that extend the functionality of our SmartLabels.


Interacting with a SmartLabel is as simple as moving an Android or iPhone device close to it. Our first consumer app targets collectible sneakers. Users use SmartLabels to claim certified authentic sneakers, eliminating the possibility of fakes.

Chronicling the Future

Private property rights are one of the cornerstones of our economic system. We're developing new technology to bring this idea into the digital world. Our core innovation is a digital deed of title backed by a cryptographic microchip — or SmartLabel. This SmartLabel tracks the authenticity, ownership, and origin of any asset.

We envision a future where anything can have a life and history on the Internet.

Core Principles


Product creators use certificates to digitally sign goods that are embedded with a SmartLabel. This unforgeable link with a SmartLabel ensures the authenticity of a physical asset.


A person claims ownership by claiming a SmartLabel's token, which in turn belongs to a physical asset. When you buy something, the seller transfers the token to you which proves that you now own the asset.


Every asset has its own digital life which stays with it even when you transfer ownership. An item that has a celebrity autograph can be digitally signed to prove that it's authentic.


The owner of the asset controls the services offered by the asset on the Internet. A painting can receive purchase offers. A bottle of wine can accept reviews. A clothing item worn by a celebrity can receive likes.