We envision a future where anything can have an identity, life, and history on the Internet. This identity is created with a microchip embedded in the product and registered to a blockchain.

The Problem

Consumer Products

Serial numbers, QR codes, UPC codes, bar codes, and other unique identification systems can all be cloned or copied. Currently the global market for fake and counterfeit products is $1.8T—which is 10% of the U.S. gross domestic product. This is enormous problem for Brands today.

Augmented Reality

The distribution of 2B+ mobile devices and the vision of the Google Glass project means the world is ready to interact with the physical environment of products everywhere, but, without a strong digital identity embedded in each product, progress will be much slower than is possible.

Internet of Things

The consumer IoT is progressing, and many large Brands are experimenting with adding microchips to consumer and luxury products. However, without a common registry and authentication protocol, major interoperability issues and roadblocks will ensue for Brands, developers, and consumers.


Chronicled Open Source provides a do-it-yourself developer kit so that any developer can order encrypted microchips, add them to consumer or luxury products, register the chips to a blockchain hosted registry, and download a code snippet to upgrade any existing App with smart product authentication functionality.

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Our Charter

Mission: To create an open source toolkit for any IP creator (e.g. Brand, artist), authenticator, customizer, or individual to assign a secure digital identity to a physical object by embedding an encrypted chip and linking it to a blockchain record.

Open Source: All software published on the Chronicled Open Source platform will be licensed under the MIT or Apache license, and will be freely available for open use.

Community: The project will operate under principles of openness, transparency, and respect of community participation.

Sponsor: Chronicled, Inc. is initially playing the role of project sponsor, but, the intent is to make available a fully open source system as a public good that lives on the blockchain, with participation from many partners and Brands and without any dependency on Chronicled, Inc.

System Elements

Encrypted Chips

The registration protocol for chips is technology and vendor agnostic. While the chips support BLE and NFC communication methods today, new protocols (and protocol versions) are easily added. Any vendor-specification format can be appended for universal lookups.

Registration SDK

Registration of chips can be accomplished with a registration SDK hosted on your own server, or from an instance of the registration SDK hosted on this .org site, or via a hosted instance of the registration SDK in the Chronicled Authenticator App available in the App Store.

Verification SDK

Verification of chips can be accomplished with a mobile consumer app. Several large Brands are planning to add the product verification SDK functionality to the first screen of their existing consumer Brand Apps. The Chronicled wallet app can be used for demo kit purposes.

Cloud Service

The Open Registry support is intended only for so-called “basic birth certificate data” of a consumer or luxury product, as a basis of identity verification. If a Brand or product creator wishes to associate additional digital content to a chip, they can add a third-party cloud services provider via Service URL.

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